Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal

Yes, it happened to me yesterday. Not that i'm sleepy and somebody gave me pillow instead. Hahaha...nearly end of business day my x-colleague buss me and told me that she's getting married on our 5th Anniversary Day. Wallaaa...and it's gonna be in Kemaman. Suddenly Cherating came across my mind. And her house just after the pintu gerbang kemaman-cherating...

So, am very lucky coz successfully persuade en. rais to spent a short holiday there. He's looking forward to have a vacation in Cherating since he's never been there.

So, i am hotel hunting now. I want to book Impiana, but it's fully booked, since 1st May is public holiday. So, divert to Suria Beach Resort.

Yahooo....i love vacation. And adam would like it too cause got sand and lawwot...(he pronounce laut as lawwot)...

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