Friday, April 16, 2010

Browsing new recipe...

yesterday i had a conversation with my husband. About adam's birthday party. No, it's not gonna be a big party like last 2 years. this time around, celebrate at school and wan's house (tumpang kenduri Iris - my new niece).

So, thinking of a cake, what's sort of cake (cupcake or a real ordinary cake) goes our wan's -ordinary cake (ultraman design cake of course) and at school mama will bake cupcake with ultraman theme for adam and his friends.

Just finished browsing recipe for the cakes. Thinking of strawberry cake coz adam so into strawberry nowadays. Even coughing syrup pun nak strawberry flavour.

Yesterday google ultraman character and found an interesting character of ultraman. So, tunggu je la hasilnya.

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