Friday, November 30, 2007

Your Baby Quiz

Took this from one of my blog-mate

The Know- Your-Baby Quiz

For each of the following questions, pick the best answer-in other words, the statement that describes your child most of the time.

1. My baby
A. rarely cries
B. cries only when he's hungry, tired, or overstimulated
C. cries for no apparent reason
D. cries very loudly, and if I don't attend to it, he quickly gets into a
rage cry
E. cries a lot of the time

2. When it's time for him to go to sleep, my baby
A. lies peacefully in his crib and drifts off to sleep
B. generally falls asleep easily within twenty minutes
C. fusses a bit and seems to be drifting off, but then he keeps waking up
D. is very restless and often needs to be swaddled or held
E. cries a lot and seems to resent being put down

3. When she wakes up in the morning, my baby
A. rarely cries-he plays in his crib until I come in
B. coos and looks around
C. needs immediate attention or he starts crying
D. screams
E. whimpers

4. My baby smiles
A. at everything and everybody
B. when prompted
C. when prompted but sometimes starts to cry within minutes of smiling
D. a lot and is also very vocal, tending to make very loud baby noises
E. only under the right circumstances

5. When I take my baby on any kind of outing, he
A. is extremely portable
B. is okay as long as where I take him isn't too busy or unfamiliar
C. fusses a great deal
D. is very demanding of my attention
E. doesn't like to be handled a lot

6. When confronted by a friendly stranger cooing at him, my baby
A. immediately smiles
B. takes a moment and then usually smiles fairly quickly
C. is likely to cry at first, unless the stranger can win him over
D. gets very excited
E. hardly ever smiles

7. When there's a loud noise, like a dog barking or a slamming door, my baby;
A. is never rattled
B. notices it but isn't bothered
C. flinches visibly and often starts to cry
D. gets loud himself
E. starts to cry

8. When I first gave my baby a bath
A. she took to the water like a duck
B. she was a little surprised at the sensation, but liked it almost
C. she was very sensitive-she shook a little and seemed afraid
D. she was wild-flailing about and splashing
E. she hated it and cried

9. My baby's body language is typically
A. relaxed and alert almost always
B. relaxed most of the time
C. tense and very reactive to external stimuli
D Jerky-his arms and legs are often flailing all over the place
E. rigid-arms and legs are often fairly stiff

10. My baby makes loud, aggressive noises
A. once in a while
B. only when she's playing and is highly stimulated
C. hardly ever
D. often
E. when she's angry

11. When I change my baby's nappy, bathe him, or dress him
A. he always takes it in stride
B. he is okay if I do it slowly and let him know what I'm doing
C. is often cranky, as if he can't stand being naked
D. wriggles a lot and tries to pull everything off the changing table
E. he hates it-dressing is always a battle

12. If I suddenly bring my baby into bright light, like sunlight or fluorescent light, he
A. takes it in stride
B. can sometimes act startled
C. blinks excessively or tries to turn her head away from the light
D. becomes over stimulated
E. acts annoyed

13a. If you bottle-feed: When I feed my baby, he
A. always sucks properly, pays attention, and usually eats within twenty minutes
B. is a little erratic during growth spurts but generally a good eater
C. is very squirmy and takes a long time to finish the bottle
D. grabs at the bottle aggressively and tends to 'overeat
E. is often cranky and feedings take a long time

13b. If you breastfeed: When I feed my baby, he
A. latches on immediately-it was a snap right from day one
B. took a day or two to latch on properly, but now we do fine
C. always wants to suckle but goes on and off the breast, as if he's forgotten how to nurse
D. eats well as long as I hold him the way he wants me to
E. gets very annoyed and restless, as if I don't have enough milk for him

14. The comment that best describes the communication between my baby and me is
A. he always lets me know exactly what she needs
B. most of the time her cues are easy to read
C. he confuses me; sometimes she even cries at me
D. he asserts her likes and dislikes very clearly and often loudly
E. he usually gets my attention with loud, angry crying

15. When we go to a family gathering and lots of people want to hold him, my baby
A. is very adaptable
B. is somewhat selective about whom he'll go to
C. cries easily if too many people hold him
D. might cry or even try to lurch out of someone's arms if he doesn't feel
E. refuses anyone's arms except Mummy's or Daddy’s

16. When we come home from any kind of outing, my baby
A. settles in easily and immediately
B. takes a few minutes to get acclimatised
C. tends to be very fussy
D. is often overstimulated and hard to calm down
E. acts angry and miserable

17. My baby
A. can amuse herself for long periods by staring at anything, even the slats in the crib
B. can play on his own for around fifteen minutes
C. finds it hard to be amused in unfamiliar surroundings
D. needs a lot of stimulation to be amused
E. is not easily amused by anything

18. The most noticeable thing about my baby is how
A. incredibly well-behaved and easy he is
B. much he is developing precisely on schedule-just like the books said he would
C. sensitive he is to everything
D. aggressive he is
E. grouchy he can be

19. My baby seems to
A. feel utterly safe in his own bed (crib) B. prefer his bed most of the time
C. feel insecure in his bed
D. act feisty, like his bed is a prison
E. resent being put down into his bed

20. A comment that best describes my baby is that
A. you hardly know there's a baby in the house-he's good as gold
B. he's easy to handle, easy to predict
C. he's a very delicate little thing
D. I fear when he begins crawling, he's going to get into everything
E. he's an "old soul"-he acts like he's been here before

To score the self-test above, write A, B, C, D, and E on a piece of paper and next to each one, count how many times you've used each letter, which denotes a correspond­ing type.

~~ Your Baby's Type ~~

When you tally up your letters, chances are that you'll have picked predominantly one or two. As you read the descriptions below, re­member that we're talking about a way of being in the world here, not an occasional mood or a type of behaviour associated with a difficulty, such as colic, or a particular developmental milestone, like teething. You'll probably recognise your baby in the following thumbnail sketches, or perhaps she's a bit like this, a bit like that. Read all five descriptions. I've exemplified each profile with a baby I've met who fits it almost exactly.

A.The Angel baby..
As you might expect, this is the kind of baby every first-time-pregnant woman imagines herself to have: good as gold. Pauline is such a baby-mellow, eternally smiling, and consistently undemanding. Her cues are easy to read. She's not bothered by new surroundings, and she is extremely portable-in fact, you can take her anywhere. She feeds, plays, and sleeps easily, and usually doesn't cry when she wakes up. You'll find Pauline babbling in her crib most mornings, talking to a stuffed animal or just amus­ing herself by staring at a stripe on the wall. An Angel baby often can calm herself down, but if she gets a little overtired, perhaps be­cause her cues were misread, all you have to do is snuggle her and tell her, "I can see that you're overtired." Then, turn on a lullaby, make the room nice and dim and quiet, and she will put herself to sleep.

B.The Textbook baby..
This is our predictable baby, and as such, he's fairly easy to handle. Oliver does everything on cue, so there are few surprises with him. He reaches all the milestones right on schedule-sleeps through the night by three months, rolls over by five, sits up by six. He'll have growth spurts like clockwork­periods during which his appetite will suddenly increase because he's putting on extra body weight or making a developmental leap. Even as young as a week, he can play on his own for short periods­fifteen minutes or so-and he'll coo a lot and look around. And he smiles when someone smiles at him. Though Oliver has normal cranky periods, just like the books describe, he's easy to calm. It's not hard to get him to sleep, either.

C.The Touchy baby..
For an ultrasensitive baby like Michael, the world is an endless array of sensory challenges. He flinches at the sound of a motorcycle revving outside his window, the TV blaring, a dog barking in the house next door. He blinks or turns his head away from bright light. He sometimes cries for no apparent reason, even at his mother.At those moments, he's shouting (in his baby lan­guage), "I've had enough-I need some peace and quiet." He often gets fussy after a number of people have held him, or after outings. He'll play on his own for a few minutes, but he needs the reassur­ance that someone he knows well-Mum, Dad, a nanny-is close by. Because this type of baby likes to suck a lot, Mum may misread his cues and think he's hungry when he'd do just as well on a dummy. He also nurses erratically, sometimes acting as though he's forgotten how. At nap time and at night, Michael often has dif­ficulty falling asleep. Touchy babies like him easily get off schedule, because their systems are so fragile. An extra-long nap, a skipped meal, an unexpected visitor, a trip, a change in formula-any of these things can throw Michael for a loop. To calm the Touchy baby, you have to re-create the womb. Swaddle him tightly, snuggle him into your shoulder, whisper a rhythmic sh . . . sh . . . sh sound (like the splashing of fluid in the womb) close to his ear, and pat his back gently, mimicking a heartbeat. (This, by the way, will calm most babies, but it works especially well with a Touchy baby.) When you have a Touchy baby, the quicker you learn his cues and his cries, the simpler life is. These babies love structure and predictability­.No hidden surprises, thank you.

D.The Spirited baby...
This is a baby who seems to emerge from the womb knowing what she likes and doesn't like, and she won't hesi­tate to let you know it. Babies like Karen are very vocal and even seem aggressive at times. She often screams for Mum or Dad when she gets up in the morning. She hates lying in her own pee or poo, and she says "Change me" by boisterously vocalising her discom­fort. Indeed, she babbles a lot and loudly. Her body language tends to be a bit jerky. Karen often needs swaddling to get to sleep, be­cause her flailing arms and legs keep her up and overstimulated. If she starts crying and the cycle is not interrupted, it's like a point of no return, and her crying leads to more crying until she's reached a fever pitch of rage. A spirited baby is likely to grab for her bottle at an early age. She'll also notice other babies before they notice her, and as soon as she's old enough to develop a good, firm grasp, she'll grab their toys as well.

E.The Grumpy baby.
I have a theory that babies like Gavin have been here before-they're old souls, as we call them-and they're not all that happy to be back. I may be wrong, of course, but whatever the reason, I assure you this type of baby is downright mardy, as we say in Yorkshire-he's mad at the world and lets you know it. (My coauthor informs me that the Yiddish equivalent is farbissiner.) Gavin whimpers every morning, doesn't smile much during the day, and fusses his way to sleep every night. His mum has a lot of trouble keeping baby-sitters, because they tend to take this little guy's bad humour personally. He hated baths at first, and every time anyone tried to change or dress him, he was fidgety and irri­table. His mother had tried to breastfeed him, but she had a slow letdown (the pace of milk working its way down and through the nipple), and Gavin was impatient. Even though she switched him to formula, feeding is still difficult because of his cranky disposi­tion. To calm a Grumpy baby, it usually takes a patient mum or dad, because these babies get very angry and their cries are particu­larly loud and long. The sh . . . sh . . . sh has to be louder than the cry. They hate to be swaddled, and they certainly let you know it. If a Grumpy baby has reached a major meltdown, instead of shush­ing say, "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay," in a rhythm while gently swaying front to back.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My meaningless weekend


Saturday - i'm working! The most hated! Start from 10am-5pm...giler..dah ler tak entitle je..hehe kena berkira sket, aku belajar not to be so pemurah dengan company ni..seposen pun kira jugak! Kesian Adam kena tinggal kat umah nenek lagi, mama tak de...

Sunday - Hihi aku cengelat tak pegi opis, sebab my hubby dah bagi jelingan manja yang menusuk kalbu tu..maka aku pun takut nak gi keje, pegi kenduri kawin pakcik aku kat Bandar Menjalara, Kepong...Grand gilest kenduri dia...buat kat dewan komuniti menjalara..dalam dewan muat 25 meja camtu, kat luar ada 8 fully scallop tents...makanan baaaanyyaaakkk sangat, siap ada mee bandung, mee jawa, mihun la, vadai, tosei..main course toksah cakap le, ada 7 lauk kot..tapi tak makan banyak pun sebab Adam dah kepisat-kepisat kepanasan...On the way pegi tu, jalan ampang tutup, ada Hindraf Strike, penuh kawasan Ampang Point tu dengan kaum hindu ni...aku tengok yang datang ni muda-muda yang banyak, yang rambut jambul2 merah ni (sorry no offense ok!)..jem jalan sebab polis tutup jalan nak naik ke flyover ampang - bangunan risda tu...Balik dari kenduri, jalan dah ok, aku singgah rumah MIL sampai petang...

Ada ke Adam dah 2 minggu buat perangai tak nak ngan my in-laws...dia tertido biasanya bila sampai tu, dah tu bila bangun, dia meraung sekuat hati...pastu nangis sampai tersedu-sedan..kena la bawak gi jalan-jalan dulu, calm him down...pastu dah le berkepit je ngan babah & mama, aku bukannyer apa, kecik ati pulak MIL aku tu kang, cucu kesayangan tak nak ngan dia..hubby aku toksah cakap le, muka dah kelat, muncung boleh ikat (eh macam pantun 2 kerat pulak)..pandang aku slack je..nak salahkan aku la tu..maklumle, aku sedikit bz lately, so takde masa sangat nak berjalan-jalan, kunjung mengunjung ni...hmmm lantak le...

One thing made me happy was...Adam can sit on his own at last..tak payah pegang or sokong ngan apa-apa dahhh, tapi kena dudukkan dia la coz dia tak merangkak pun so camana nak duduk kan...tapi nak feed dia dah makin senang, nak dok kan dia dalam stroller pun dah senang...macam tuan besar bila duduk dalam stroller tu...tak main dah baring-baring ni..bawak gi shopping pun senang dah, sebab boleh duduk kat troli...

So, Monday yang separa indah ni terjejas sedikit sebab aku sakit tekak, suara sengau..rasa nak demam + mmg akan kena selsema punya la ni...till then chow!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Adam is 7 month today!!!

Alhamdulillah..Adam genap usianya 7 bulan hari ni...

Mama & Babah doakan hanya yang terbaik untuk Adam..Semoga Adam jadi anak yang soleh, mendengar kata, semakin bijak dari hari ke hari..

Sekejap sangat rasa dah 7 bulan rupanya since Adam dilahirkan..Adam sekarang ni makin lasak..kengkadang tu kesian kat kakak-kakak aku yang jaga Adam sementara aku pegi keje..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kisah-Rumahku Hampir Dipecah Masuk..

Semalam, aku balik umah lepas maghrib, so sampai ampang dalam pukul 8. Adam tido. Masa tu ujan renyai-renyai lagi..dengan berlari2 anak aku sorong stroller adam & abang sarat barat dengan barang2 menuju ke lif. Dekat2 nak sampai lif tu dengar kecoh-kecoh orang bercakap. Masuk lif pakcik guard tu bagi tau harini masa tgh ujan lebat tadi ada 4 kejadian pecah rumah kat situ. 2 kat blok A, 2 kat blok B. Aku dok blok C. Aku ngan rais dok menganga dengar cerita couple yang rumah dia kena pecah tu, diorang dok tingkat 13. Modus operandi pencuri-pencuri tu ialah pecahkan solex pintu depan, masuk rumah, curik barang berharga i.e laptop, digi cam, PS2, barang kemas. Dah curik barang, diorang keluar & gantikan padlock yang dah pecah tu dengan padlock yang tuan rumah tak leh la masuk umah bila balik nanti...

Kitorang naik lif sambil dengar cerita diorang tu, so bila sampai tingkat 9 aku pun keluarla kan...sambil jalan menuju rumah tu aku cakap ngan rais, eii takut la bang, dah ada pecah2 rumah pulak...pastu aku tgk kat balcony luar dekat dapur umah aku ada kotak padlock yang dah kosong ngan ada puntung rokok..aku dah berderau darah dah, aku cakap kat rais ni apsal ada kotak padlock kat sini pulak ni??? rais pandang aku, aku pandang dia, dua-dua berkejar ke grille main door umah...SAH! SOLEX AKU CALAR-BALAR, GRILLE AKU SOPEK CAT NYA....aku tgk pulak lubang padlock solex aku tu, dah tersumbat! so, kunci aku tak leh masuk utk bukak pintu grille tu....Rais terus bukak solex grille opening yard aku, dia lompat masuk dalam rumah tgk ada barang ilang tak...1st thing yang dia check ialag...TABUNG ADAM!..penuh tu tabung botol susu besar tu, penuh ngan duit raya adam & duit syiling dia...pastu dia gi check bilik depan, sebab kat situ work station kitorang, dia tgk laptop & PC semua ada...haaa lega sikit...

Aku gi tanya jiran-jiran cina aku yang dua orang tu, diorang pun tak dengar orang ketuk2 since ujan sangatla lebatnya kan..diorang tutup pintu sebab tempias & one more thing balcony kitorang tu sangatla gelapnyer sebab lampu automatik on pukul 7 malam sampai 7 pagi je...diorang pun terperanjat beruk bila aku cakap rumah aku ada orang cuba nak pecah masuk..pastu panggil pulak sorang lagi jiran aku, yang ni melayu..abang ni AJK Persatuan Penduduk kat situ, dia pun terperanjat..dia call kan chief guard & polis...dalam setengah jam camtu, guard datang bawah cutter yang macam gunting besar tu nak potong padlock aku yang dah tersumbat tu....nasib baik adam ok, diam je..heran tengok orang ramai-ramai agaknye..rupa-rupanya guard tu cakap, masuk rumah aku ada 6 bijik rumah yang kena pecah, 4 berjaya masuk, 2 lagi tak dapat masuk...and semua rumah tu ilang laptop!

Guard potong pakai cutter pun tak leh gak pecahkan padlock umah aku, uncle yang duduk depan rumah offer pakai grinder dia...pakai grinder tu pun dekat 15 minit baru putus padlock tu...huhu sopek-sopek cat grille aku...siot punya pencurik! Tepat 9.25 malam kitorang dapat masuk rumah....aaahhh lega, alhamdulillah tak de barang-barang yang ilang, aku rasa diorang pakai electronic device yang boleh detect laptop tu la...laptop aku kan ke kat bili paling depan..tu yang senang kot! sepuluh minit lepas tu, polis 2 orang datang, amek statement abang, amek gambar semua...dah settle tu semua baru teringat malam ni nak kunci umah ngan apa? dah satu hal pulak nak mencarik solex malam-malam buta ni...abang terus bergegas turun nak pegi bandar baru ampang tgk kedaimana yan bukak lagi...luckily Pasaraya Bintang tu baru nak tarik roller shutter dia, abang mintak nak masuk beli padlock, emergency nih...kali ni aku beli padlock yang macam handbag tu..amek kau sebijik kurang seposen tiga puluh hengget! dua bijik aku beli habis la 60 hengget malam2 tu....tak pe la, for family safety...

So, malam itu kami semua tido dalam sedikit rasa ketakutan & penat...dalam kul 12 camtu, abang cakap dia nampak guard round tengok satu2 rumah dan kunci ke belum...tapi tu la, dok dalam guarded area pun boleh jadik camni..

For you all readers, please beware & do keep your valuable belongings in the safest place, ensure your padlock is the high quality one!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Feel Like I Want To Quit...

i dont know how many time i repeat this statement : i want to quit this job

i really really want to go but the market demand for this industry which requires men more than women makes me think twice...i cannot stand anymore, i'm overloaded. Back home i still thinking of my unsettled works, makes me migrain and HBP...i can't sleep at night just because of thinking about these never-ending-story...

I'm afraid of my boss's expectation of me, i'm afraid if i can't achieve what he wants me to achieve.

It's hard, very-very hard to continue inherited works, especially from someone who obviously disorganized..its even harder to coupe everything about the project, every single detail i mean, in less than a month..everyone knows this is the most critical project and a lot of variations (just imagine it's cost double from the budgetted amount)..what the heck!

I feel like i want to cry, cry outloud, but no one will sympathy on me as i'm the only one left here....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Adam In Fever...

Poor my little boy, caught in fever, cough & cold since monday..Yesterday, i took E.L just to take care of him since he's quite ngada-ngada when he fall sick. The night before me & dear hubby sponging Adam with tap water + fridge water...he likes it so much! Even in fever mood but my baby seems to be happy all the time & still jumping on his feet..Get well soon my baby...there'll be a photo shoot session on this coming sunday!