Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple yet Meaningful

It was my birthday celebration..only three of blow-the-candles session, even a cake.

We celebrate it at Pizza Hut. My husband is a picky eater...dari pegi Italianies ke Tony Romas ke Tarbush ke and dia tak makan, lagi susah pegi Pizza Hut je la..As for me, i don't even care nak makan kat mana, as long as it's clean, sedap ok je. nak celebrate kat warung pun boleh.

We order..huhuh don't get choke readers..banyak tau we all order...hmmmm here it goes :

1. Meal 3 - Set for 2, regular pizza + soup + cheese stick + drinks
2. Hot platter - for adam kononnya...tapi mama babah yang buat finishing touch
3. Meatball Bologneise
4. Hot Roll Tuna
5. Chocolate Volcano for adam..

Lastly, spaghetti tak abis, i only manage to finish half of the spaghetti, one slice of pizza, my soup finished by adam along with his Chocolate Volcano and the hot platter.The left over tapau la..

Alhamdulillah, despite of my husband tight working schedule, he manage to spare his time celebrating my birthday...thank you En. Rais...huhuhuhuhu...even only simple dinner but it's meaningful to me. Balik kitorang borong DVD kat port biasa..and i got my Greys Anatomy 6th season part 2 DVDs...yeeehaaaa!

Ni nak maratahon tengok la ni.

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