Wednesday, March 17, 2010

semangat yang ilang..

Left home with full spirit inside me and hoping that today will be perfect, shining and nice...with a full set of new attire including the tudung, and-not-so-new-but-look-like-new shoes....confidently driving to the office.


Immediately after i stepped inside my room (in the office), all the enthusiasm gone..spirit spirit come to me..i did cast a spell to summon the spirit of 'rajin' to come to me, but NADA...

WHY aaaa????? Why why tell me why????

Now i feel sangap, sleepy and thinking of home, my tilam, my bed....May be i should go home after class la (to make it worst, it's calculation class! -until 1.30), to reboost my energy. Get a nap first, then about 4 have to fetch adam at school...

Huaaarggghhhhh....while typing this post, i am yawning for 5 times.

Not Good Not Good..

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