Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Psycho sungguh la

I got a student under my supervision for dissertation.

He has been vanished from my eyesight for quite some times and now he's coming back haunting me with his psycho attitude.

Is there any student dare to smses his/her lecturer at 10pm and again at 5.07 am in the morning just to tell me all the craps (sorry have to refer his works as craps as he never shows me any good progress besides than repeating the same thing and mistakes again and again and again!). Hello....i am working not goyang kaki all the time witing for you to come to me all the time. I have my own schedule and need my own sweet time.

Yesterday he kept sms-ing me about 5 time continuously plus kept calling me about 6 times. The peak of my anger was when he sms me at 5 am this morning begging me to accept his work (yeah like i've never accept all his works before)and begging to postpone submission. Hey..it was you who told me that you got it all and ready to see me on Monday? Now you beg me for postponement? What a shame. Kalau ko tak tido siapkan keje last minit ko tu, don't drag along other people in your shoes too!

This morning when he sms me, i was about to reply when i noticed that my phone had been barred. Nasib baik kau! aku nak reply hape tau " Tak reti hormat masa orang lain ke?"

Letih sungguh bila dapat student yang macam tong kosong ni...one thing la this student kan a kind yang bila bercakap memang dia yang paling paling tau semua benda. Always nodded his head before me explain completely. Huh sakitnya hatiiiii....jangan la he shows himself in front of me today. Memang kena bambu la ni...cannot control my anger la. Geram sangat.

Ahhhh lega dah lepaskan marah.

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