Monday, March 14, 2011

Sakit otot

My big n thick n muscular (read:flabby) calves are in pain. Must be muscle-tear.

Adam sat on my lap for about an hour while watching Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. He needs to be hugged by me whenever he wants to sleep. Unfortunately, the battle scene in merong mahawangsa fails to make him sleep. He was wide awake through out the movie...and yes ON MY LAP.

I only realized yesterday that my calves were in serious pain. To make it worst, i accidently put on 3 inches wedges today and jalan macam anak gajah kena gout (can't imagine how it looks).UGLY.

En rais managed to massage it yesterday and voila! it's gone and now it's BACK. How i wish i can put on flat pump or ballerina shoes to work. My feet is BIG and WIDE and "FULL" (tembam). It'll definitely look ugly as the ballerina shoes will go kembang immediately after i put it on. And for pumps the sound that's coming from the shoes when i walk like "dab dab dab dab" - bunyik penuh macam anak gajah. Not likey..

Hoih whining whining whining...bersyukur la ko ada kaki!


mast@work said...

aahh.. bila diurut mesti best kan?

hope cepat baik bengkaknya

mazzuana said...

Heaven sungguh bila kena lenguh tangan dia sebab betis besar gabak...