Monday, March 21, 2011

We went there on weekend

Despite of raining, we went there just because of en adam.

The parking and bazaar area were muddy resulting my keta kecik sangatlah kotornya. We were there until almost 8.30 pm...thought that we gonna leave the event right after the 'normal' hot air balloons were launched to the air, but nay..adam noticed the 'pattern' balloons were inflated and we waited it to be launched until 8.30....sadly waited but not even one being launched.

So, balik dengan hampa tapi happy juga coz those pattern balloons were awesome. Cute sangat yang pattern pokok tu. Adam was happy to see the Darth Vader and doraemon. Takpe adam next year kita pegi lagi okeh????

Gambar dari handphone je. Malas nak transfer dari kamera gedabak.

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