Saturday, February 5, 2011


Astro drove me crazy today!

I wanted to make payment using debit card. After talking to the rep., I was so shocking to know that I got 3 smart card? What the hell? I only got 2 l bodoh!

Then that rep insist for me to pay all the outstanding then only they'll check on the unknown smart card. Hell no! I won't make any payment then I asked her to give me the nearest cust.service office. This thing needs to be settled by today. Boleh budak tu cakap...sorry puan, takde office yg buka harini...I told her that astro is so stupid if they don't have any office open on saturday because that is basically the day of anyone is less busy! Then only she told me that they got one office in cheras open till 2 o'clock.

Apa lg, pack barang terus heading to my mom's. Wait for my sister to accompny me sebab nak gaduh x best sorang2...I need backup singer..heheheh

Then the guy who entertained my case there was so friendly sampai x boleh nk marah dia pun. He seems bersungguh2 nak settle kes I...

Nahhhhh....hamek ko, smart card unknown itu pakej subscribed RM105.90 ko...actually kt umah my mom tu pakej satu RM75 satu lagi RM55...gila free2 aku nak bayar rm240 tiap2 bulan for service yg tak guna?

Luckily that guy helped me to deactivate card unknown tu, but I still had to pay outstanding amount of RM234...diorang akan neutralised balik bil akan datang. Hopefully betul la, if not...I declare war!

I admit that before this I made payment online with consistent amount without referring to the bill issued. So, guys, do take a look thoroughly your bill, mana tau ada unknown charges or awkward figure ke kt bil kan? Serbu je cust service diorang ni, jgn settle thru fon, coz we just don't know when they'll entertain your case. Kalau over the counter, they'll try to settle it in front of you...

ntah sapa nya keje la dok tumpang akaun I...I curse you culprit!

Ok, now dh x marah...tadi meredakan marah with making mcD apple pie and lepat x marah lagi.

Taknak marah2 sebab nak spare feelings for tomorrow. Result blood test kuar esok uolsssss...awww seram ni!nak confirmkan penyakit lain, kang penyakit lain pun dpt tau gak...tak mauuuuuu!

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