Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More on Adam

Lama tak cerita pasal anak bujangku seorang ni..now he can shows his preferences towards toys & peoples. Orang tak kenal jangan harapla..even my in-laws pun he's very selective, with tok ok, wan don't want, mak su no no no, pak ngah ok la pulak...but with my siblings and of course atok & nenek, semua dia nak..

Now i just wait for his first incisors to pop out. According to my mom, it seems like he's going to has his first teeth very soon coz he keeps biting all sort of fabric and chewing his lower lip. Macam tak percaya je gigi dia nak tumbuh, ye la..merangkak pun tak. But Adam can sit on his own without any support at the back and of course u've to help him to sit at first!

Hmmm last Thursday went to Citibank to collect my new replacement card and i made a reward redemption on my accumulate points. Then i decided to redeem more Adam's stuff...hohoohoho here comes Playgo Baby's Play Table. Got it this morning by courier sent to my office. Quite nice la, got various type of toys on top of the table.

Can't wait to see his reaction when he sees me carry this thing back home!

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