Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's Do Some Meme

Got this from my fren try it!!

Height : 5 ' 2"
Color : Brown
Some like to call me : Mazz and sometimes people do call me Siti..
Piercing : Yes,but no earring...don't like it...rimas le
Tattoos : Of course NO!

Right Now
Time : 3.46pm
Mood : Swing...lazy,boring, got tonnes of work to do...
Taste : Taste i just sip AIR KOSONG...
weather : Can't see as i'm in front of my PC
Bad Habit :I'm a good planner BUT bad implementor...
Current Crush : Internet Shopping
Biggest Regret : Enrol to sekolah menengah yang sangat la tak best!
Perfume(s): Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne, DKNY Green Apple, Christian Dior 1947, Nina Ricci, Eu Eden, Noa..i like to purchase but not to use....
Thing I Want To Do : Sleep, go home...

TV Show: AC Di Sini, Macam-macam Aznil, Tom Tom Bak, CSI, ANTM
Book : Memoirs of Geisha
Non Alcoholic Drink : Air Kosong Yang Sejuk...
Milk Drink : HL Low Fat Milk
Brand : Skincare - Biotherm Hydra Detox O2, Shampoo-Clear Cool, Deodorant - Rexona..hehehe dia nak brand apa benda nih?
Color : Brown,Blue, Purple, hal la...
Chocolate: Hershey's Almond

Have I Ever
Broken the law: I got 6 DBKL summons...
Misuse credit card : BAD BAD BAD Habit of mine....
Skipped school : YES but i stayed at home tau...TIDO
Fall asleep in the shower or bath : Lepas bersalin ter'tido' dalam bilik air HUKM...terpengsan la..
Had Children: Yup...cute boy
Been In Love: I'm married...what do you expect then?
Been Hurt : Selalu...

Have a job:Quantity Surveyor for almost 6 years!
My CD Player has what in it right now: PC CD player got CD Handing Over of Works
If I were the crayon, the color: Pink
What makes me happy: Shopping, Spent time with my baby & hubby

When/What was the last time
I got the real letter : Ada ke istilah Real & Unreal letter?
Thing I Purchased: Nasik Mamak for lunch
TV Programme I Watch: ANTM cycle 8 tonight, last night Man U vs Man City..apala Man U kalah pulak!
Movie I saw in theatres : Transformers
Hugged: My Baby, this morning
Place I Was an Hour Ago: Surau Opis
Song Heard : No song heard at this moment...kepala tgh semak ni
Phone Call: My hubby just now
Was Depressed : Yes, especially at the end of the money no talk!

What comes to mind when I hear
Car: Someone's coming???
Murder: Eeeee So cruel la...Jahatnyer
Cape: Cape Town?
Cell: Stem Cell?
Fun: Shopping la
Shoe: Just bought new sandal last week
Crush: In Love
Music: Irritating
Love: Sweet

U try it...just a way to release our tension....have fun!

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