Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Updates On Adam

Adam dh 3 bulan skrg ni and he is able to do :

1. Meniarap - nenek adam kata adam dh meniarap..tapi bila ngan mama & babah kat umah dia nak mengiring je..ada sekali dia meniarap sekali dengan bantal daaaaa.....tapi tak pe caiyok caiyok adam..

2. Air liur nyer meleleh tak henti-henti - in the previous post i said that adam's saliva is not a problem to me anymore as it's subside after i curik garam at my MIL house...but now it's backkkk.....kali ni lebih lagi...huhuhuu macam nak tumbuh gigi je anak mama ni...

3. Mulutnyer yang makin riuh & kepochi, hehhehe - semakin suka bercakap with his own language which i don't understand but i do understand that he wanted to say something about his activities during the day....when i nodded my head, he gave me a broad smile and continue the bla, bla, bla sounds....but he's so cute when he do that!

4. Wake up as early as 5am - Trend adam skrg ni suka bangun pagi pukul 5 atau 6 pagi....normally he will awake at 3 or 4am to drink his milk, the he doze of again till 5 or 6...at this time his eyes are wide open and i have to play with him all the while...kengkadang sampai tersengguk-sengguk dok melayan dia bercakap...but i enjoy with it...

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