Tuesday, February 27, 2007


When i look ticker above, gheez...only 39 days more to go...time goes by so fast.

Last night i dreamt of my baby's face. In my dream i refused to look at my son's face (yes true! i got a son) because i'm quite paranoid with the quote made by my sister last week which was " anak ko mesti muka cam ko masa baby dulu" which meant tak comel la...coz i think i'm not cute at all masa kecik dulu...yes i was gedebab but not cute...hehehhe..i had boy face instead of looking like cutie little girl...back to my dream story..that is why i'm refused to look at my baby's face..but my collegue took a picture then they showed me..i was shocked as my baby's face looks like my nephew la....which his idung kembang and rambut kerinting when he was born dulu....hehehhehe i gelak besar bila bangun tido..

But now my nephew tu cute giler...muka look like perempuan but got belalai instead of butterfly..

When i woke up this morning i realize that terima je la apa allah SWT nak bagi, as long as sempurna sifatnyer and sihat walafiat, alhamdulillah...hmmm...muka baby kalau tak ikut mama tentulah ikut papanyer...

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