Monday, November 30, 2009

How we can survive from DEBT?

Well let's do business...
I join hai-o coz you only need to invest ONCE and it'll valid for EVER!.
You work your own time, rasa nak dapat income banyak kerja keras sikit la..
TAK ADA DUIT YANG DATANG BERGOLEK ok! Kena la usaha sikit.
Usaha yang sikit tapi pulangannya ALHAMDULILAH...

I got these point of views from Hanis yang sangat success in doing this business :

I'm my own boss!! I don't have to listen to anyone what to do etc2.
Money works for me!! Yes!
No stress at all!!
I manage my own time. Bangun sukati jer tido pun ikut suka, kalau rasa penat tido. hehe
Busy busy busyyyy?? = MORE MONEY!
I can pass on my title (diwarisi) to my children! Kalau I kerja jadi Doctor ke, Engineer ke i can't pass that to Hariz.
Fastest way to get money within short period. ie I need 30k for kitchen kabinet, simple! Work for it!! 1-2 bln biznes confirm dapat dah.
Dapat 100% full support from my leaders! Kalau bukak kedai sendri, pandai2 la kau survive sendri!
FREE Car, holiday 3 x 1 year, 5 figure income..? What else i can ask for! huhu
Special training provided by our leaders just to help us to grow our business FOC
I meet new people, make friends with them, and do bizz with them! Ikatan silaturrahim
Bila buat biznes, lagi mendekatkan diri kita pada Allah. Kita sentiasa meminta pada Allah untuk murahkan rezeki kita. ;) InsyaAllah
Plan marketing very very unique! Sistem ADIL & SAKSAMA. Bukan pyramid sistem yehh.
I don't have to dress up for office attire, i just can wear jeans as long as it look presentable!
On average I only work 2 hours daily!!
Takde sapa nak marah kalau tak keluar buat biznes pun. huhu
Ohh company ni takperlu disangkal lagi.. BSKL MAIN BOARD, CERTIFIED by KPDN HEP, FORBES 3 years in a row, Listed in Malaysia book of record! Wehuuuuu

So, apa tunggu lagi??
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Sue said...

caiyokkk!! caiyokkk!! mari lah kita berjuang bersama2. mazz, ko grup mana?

mazzuana said...

aku pun sama la B32 gak, cdm je lain