Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jalan-jalan carik makan..

Nothing much on CNY holiday..we spent most of our time window shopping...On the makan besar night, we went to Ampang Point,,borong baju Adam kat reject Shop since itu jek kedai yang bukak...On Thursday we went to Mid Valley, quite disappointed when most of the store were closed..actually i wanted to buy new sandal which i saw at Nose, Pavillion on Wednesday..I decided to buy in the next day with my hubby, so unlucky of me...tak de rezeki aku nak pakai sandal tu for the time being, tapi jaga la, next month mesti beli jugak...on the same day, after being disappointed wih mid valley, we decided to go to Sogo..waaaahhhhh so packed with all the indons, myanmar and bla bla bla ber dating la, yang nak menyopping's packed until we can't even strolled the stroller..after makan-makan we bought Adam's new shirts from Hallmark, got his size for shirts but not for the shorts...beli jugak since we planned to go to OU the next day...good bargain tau

Kat Mid Valley

Ngan Mama Pulak...

On Friday after sembahyang jumaat, we went to OU, out target was only to buy Adam's Hallmark shorts...bila sampai, rasa nak nangis jek bila tutup la pulak butik itewww...terus jek jalan-jalan kat mom's care, ada sale beli la Adam's Lollipop Jumbo Pillow..Makan kat nandos and u know what??? It's not Adam pee at the pokok again, this time i accidently gave him fries which has hot peri-peri sauce on it..tak banyak la just one tiny miny spot, of course la kan, baby couldn't stand that degree of pedas..merah padam muka dia sambil tenyeh2 muka sambil menangis meraung-raung....we got panicked and all of sudden ingatkan suffocated ngan fries ke...cepat2 suruh abang keluarkan air, dia keluarkan air mineral botol. terus jek bagi adam togok..hahahha..kelakar jek..terus dia diam..taknak dah fries tu after that...lepas makan jalan-jalan tangkap gamba jap terus balik umah....

Naik keta ngan Ernie kat SOGO..

Ni muka baru lepas makan hot peri peri fries..

Macam bandi amuk...heheheheh

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